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Chase Defense Partners is a rebranding of Chase Supply Inc. which was founded in 2000. Chase Supply was an outgrowth of The Fielding Company (circa 1968) which developed its roots in technical sales to the Federal Government as manufacturer’s representatives. Chase Supply added two more capabilities to compliment technical sales: 1) stocking distributorship and 2) product assembly and light manufacturing. The growing presence of our company drove the rebranding to Chase Defense Partners to better describe the loyal partnerships we maintain with the companies we represent and our constant dedication to the war fighter. Our core business functions haven’t changed over the years, rather they have grown in scope. For many of our clients we are their small business partner dealing exclusively with the government agencies.

We have a deep understanding of the intricate business development process involved in dealing with the federal government. Our background in this expertise combined with the added product distribution, assembly and light manufacturing only touches the surface of our capabilities. Leading edge manufactured products, projects, program management, systems, and market focus have and continue to be the cornerstone of our growth and success. This capability, combined with the knowledge of how to transition user/ war fighter needs into; project/product realization, to funding priorities, makes our company uniquely different. This web site only scratches the surface of our capabilities and products. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular questions or challenges.

Company Expertise

  • Customized engineering solutions
  • 50 year history in understanding pressure control systems
  • ISO 9001 Quality System (Compliant)
  • MIL-I-45208 Quality System (Compliant)
  • Experience and history in working with every branch of the military
  • Experts in strategic bidding for DOD solicitations
  • Established strategic partners for world wide stock and distribution
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