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UDI U-28 System

The U-28 acoustic network architecture is a complete redesign of the U-14. The U-28 system is comprised of the base-level U-W28 wrist unit for divers and U-28B as boat unit. The system can accommodate 28 text messages and up to 28 divers in a single network, two networks can work in same area. The system supports BCH correction code that ensures improved signal reliability. The hardware provides 3 levels of transmission, enabling the diver to almost double or even triple the operational range. The architecture includes 32bit processor, digital sensors, depth transducer, compass and accelerometers. New improved filters and BPSK communication algorithms developed over 10 operational years, provide higher and more reliable baud rate. The U-28B has an “active” acoustical antenna which contains special electronics that reduce the level of underwater noise, thus increasing the signal to noise ratio. The results are extended range and better communication in difficult areas.

UDI U-28 Extended Battery (UDI U-W28EB)

The U-28 wrist unit can also be configured with an extended battery and left underwater in a passive mode for 30 days or longer, ideal for caching equipment and/or returning to a set location underwater. By using the remote SOS activation from another wrist unit, a diver can navigate directly to the underwater device’s location.

Acoustic Digital Communications System (UDI ADCS-28)

The system includes one Main ADCS-28 unit that transmits and receives acoustical signal to/from up to 28 control units in one defined network. Up to two networks can be defined in the same area, i.e., 56 channels. The control units are used to communicate and/or actuate various underwater devices. The UDI U-28 wrist unit is used to relocate control units underwater. The system enables different sequences, extended range of operations (possible up to two miles). Control units can operate for several days and under certain conditions they can stay in idle mode for months. Double encryption, error correction code, and other features can be defined or added to the system. Maximum operation range (radius) of the system is 3000 meters.

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