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Chase provides numerous component and system solutions to various Hydraulic and Pneumatic applications, like; nitrogen and oxygen charging carts, aviation regulator test stands and analyzers, transmission servicing, filtration and environmental ducting.

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Chase, in partnership with ABC Industries, is a leader in providing the United States military and our allies with a wide range of flexible ducting solutions.  We are specialists in military and commercial ducting specifications, especially in areas where specs might not represent the dynamic conditions experienced in the field.   We take great care in understanding how our products perform in the field so we can provide unmatched ongoing support to our customers.  Whether built to a specification, or a completely customized solution, our number one focus is to make sure our warfighters are equipped with exactly what they need, when they need it.  All of our ducting and connectors are proudly made in the USA.

In 2016 Chase acquired Flexfab’s sewn ducting division.  We continue to support nearly all of the legacy Flexfab sewn products, and are leveraging newer technologies and materials to upgrade certain products as needed.  We will work closely with you to make sure any alternative or replacement product will meet your requirements. Chase Military Ducting is manufactured for a variety of applications with a focus towards Environmental Control Units (ECU), fuel-fired or resistance heaters, and flight line cooling carts.

Fully fire retardant, and is treated to resist mildew, ozone and abrasion.
Made and qualified to AS38386, AS7365 and other specifications. 
Available from 4 to 48 inches in diameter, in lengths up to 50 feet.
Performance-coated & laminated fabrics includes PVC, thermoplastic rubber, silicone, hypalon, neoprene, urethane and polyethylene, among others.
Available in various colors, including, but not limited to: DLA 459 Desert Tan; FS24052 Green; FS23538 Safety Yellow; FS24084 Dark Olive Drab & RAL 6031 NATO Green.
Can be insulated in both the traditional configurations or the new high efficiency configuration with coefficient of heat transfer values exceeding 0.75 Btu/h/ft2/°F. 
Available with a variety couplings that connect to virtually anything in the military: stainless steel J-lock & set pin, AS7365, 64C1004 & 64C1005, AS38386, MS16051, and a connector that mates with the Joint Strike Fighter high pressure air inlet.
Variety of end connections including: Hook and loop, zipper, integral clamps, wire rope, belt & buckle, and others.
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