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Heater Ducting

Heater Ducting

The current military specifications for heaters typically dictate the need for AS7365 compliant heater ducts.  The heat test under the AS7365 spec is one of the most demanding temperature tests in the industry.  Many legacy ducts that have been provided for AS7365 applications in the past will not meet this test as evidenced by a high frequency of failures.

After years of research and testing, Chase is proud to finally offer a product that passes the AS7365 heat test with no exception.  We expect this latest design to outlast the lifespan of other ducts that have been previously used in AS7365 applications many times over.  We can still provide a comparable heater duct to what you may have used in the past, especially if your temperature requirements don’t need to meet the full range of the AS7365 spec, but the longevity of our latest design will be far superior to any of these other options.  We welcome discussions on how to reduce your life cycle costs.

AS7365 J-lock connectors are standard on our AS7365 heater duct assemblies, but other J-lock variants and custom solutions are available as well.

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